Lots of people will tell you that your time at university is the best you will ever have. We’re not sure how true that is, and it makes the rest of your life a pretty gloomy prospect if so, but no matter how great it is you’ll find that it’s not all sweetness and light. To help you get off to a good start we’ve come up with a few tips to keep you on the straight and narrow. Ish.

Do as much as you can.

Especially in the first week or so you’ll find there are absolutely tons of activities you can get involved with. These are a terrific way to make new friends, try out new stuff and generally have an absolute whale of a time, so make the effort to get to as many as you can.

…But don’t do too much.

Whilst it’s great to go a little bit crazy in the first couple of weeks, don’t forget that the whole reason you’re here it so learn – be careful not to let your revelry get in the way of your course. I mean we’ve all rolled up to an assessment completely smashed after drinking through the night then proceeded to get moved to the front row because we’re being too noisy at the back and passing a bottle of wine back and forth, but it’s not something to make a habit of. And if you do, and your assessment time is late in the afternoon, bear in mind that you could be well into a brutally crushing hangover by then. Apparently.

Stay healthy

Whilst it’s tempting so survive on a diet of pot noodles and cheap lager, sleep all day and spend all night partying it’s not ideal for your health – mental or physical. So try and eat healthy meals (we have some great food outlets on campus), maybe join a sports club or the gym and try to go to sleep at a sensible time at least occasionally. And remember that Fresher’s Flu is a real thing – a combination of overdoing it for a week and lots of different strains of nasty virus’s converging in a single place can really knock you for six.

Get registered with your GP

Just in case you don’t manage to stay healthy! It might be worth registering with a dentist too, though if you’re planning on returning home quite often you might be happier sticking to your own dentist – that one’s up to you.

Learn to cook

Not just to help you stay healthy – cooking is a great way to relax, a cheap way to eat and a brilliant way to make friends too. We find BBC Good Food and Jamie’s Recipes are both terrific resources for finding recipes to suit your taste, budget and skill level, and you’ll be making up your own before you know it.

Download the WelcomeFest app

And spend some time looking through it. It’s full of useful information about the University and campus in general, and once it’s on your phone you’ll always have that info at your fingertips.

Learn your way around

Hull University campus is a lovely place, but it’s also pretty big and can be a bit confusing when you’re new. Spend some time wandering around and getting a feel for where the different buildings are (and how to get into them) so when you start your course you won’t be wandering around trying to figure out how to get into your lectures, probably in the rain. It’s also worth learning where all the food outlets and bars are (and trying them out too) so when you have a half hour free to get a quick snack you’ll know where to go right away.

Keep in touch with friends and family back home

Much as you’ll hopefully be super busy making new friends and doing exciting new things it’s also a really good idea to keep in touch with family and friends from your previous life. Your family in particularly will be really keen to hear how you’re getting on, and it’s all too easy to lose touch with great friends and regret it later. Social media is a great way of doing this, but why not consider rockin’ it old school and sending a letter? Or even a postcard of Hull to show them what they’re missing…


Hull is not a huge city, but there is a LOT to see and do, and there’s always tons going on too. Make sure you make the time to get away from the campus and the Newland area to see some of the rest of Hull. There’s so much to do in fact that we wrote a whole article about it here!