Everybody loves pizza right? We definitely love pizza. And you know our favourite kind of pizza? Free pizza! And you, yes you, can be the joyful recipient of delicious free pizza on the 20th February.

‘That’s crazy!’ we hear you cry. ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch!’ And, well, you’re right. There is a catch. All you have to do is turn up to the HUU reception at 11am and join a crack team of volunteers to clean up the litter on the streets surrounding the university. You’ll be provided with everything you need (bin bags, sturdy gloves, maybe even a grabber if you’re really lucky) and spend a couple of hours until 1pm making the streets look lovely and clean.

As well as that magical pizza you can have proof of volunteering hours and a lovely warm glow inside you that’s a combination of a belly full of pizza and the smugness that you can only gain through doing something good and selfless. Even though really you only did it for the pizza. There will be all sorts of folk joining in as well as students, including local residents, landlords and even some councillors!

So that’s 11am at the HUU reception for a couple of hours. You can find out more (and click ‘going’) on this Facebook event. See you there?