As of next Monday, we’re afraid that we’ve had to rise the prices in The Pantry a little. We’ve kept them down for as long as we could, but recent increases in food cost combined with the fact that our prices have stayed the same for the last 18 months mean that we’ve no other choice.

All Hot and Hearty, Street Food, Vegan and Friday Fish meals will be increasing in price by 10p on Monday, and breakfasts will be rising to £2.70 for 4 items, £3.70 for 6 items, £4.75 for 8 items or 75p for single items (excluding toast). This does mean that we’ve still managed to keep most of them at less than £5, and we do believe that we offer a combination of quality and value that you’ll struggle to beat anywhere else. All other prices remain as before.

Hopefully we’ll still see you in The Pantry for the rest of the year!