After you have found the right group of friends you want to share a house with (choose wisely!) finding the perfect house is the next step.

Whilst this can be difficult, follow these steps and you will be a lot closer!

  1. Always view the property – it might look fantastic on paper, but not in real life.
  2. Make notes and take pictures at each property – it can be hard to remember what each house looks like, especially if you are viewing several.
  3. Read the contract carefully – you can also ask the Advice Centre to have a look at this as well.
  4. Read Reviews (Hull STARS) and speak to previous tenants if possible.
  5. Don’t be ‘bullied’ into signing a contract. There is more than enough accommodation available in Hull. Take your time – it will be worth it!
  6. Ask about a deposit or admin charge – is this refundable?
  7. Go back and visit the area at night to get a feel for it.
  8. Ask plenty of questions about the property and the landlord.

Remember once you have signed a legally binding contract it will be very difficult, if not impossible to get out of. So make sure that you are 100% certain that you want to live in the house for the full contract length.

The University of Hull Advice Centre can offer impartial help with any concerns regarding housing.

Please visit Stu Rents to see what Student houses are still available in Hull.