You’ve made it! Trimester 2 is here, so buckle your seatbelts.

We are a few weeks into this Trimester and you may have already had some exams. As well as revising, you might have a few other things on your mind.

Our first installment of this article included an introduction from Andy Costigan the President of Welfare and Community at the Hull University Union. Give this a read if you haven’t already.

If you’ve been struggling financially, or had some stress due to your upcoming exams, this is the one for you. There will be a few words of advice from the Financial Support Team and the Student Engagement and Transition Team.

“So you’ve finished your first trimester and hopefully you managed to budget your finances to last you until the Christmas break. If not please don’t worry, you may still be able to turn yourself around by putting an action plan in place before you receive your 2nd installment from Student Finance England in January.

It is no reflection on yourself to ask for financial help and advice. Not everybody is good at budgeting but it is something that everybody can learn. Here are some tips you may find useful.

  • Do you have an interest free overdraft facility? If not contact your bank to discuss
  • Whilst you are there speak to them about budgeting advice. Most banks now offer free budgeting advice and would be happy to help
  • Work out how much money you will have left once you have paid your next rent payment then work out how many weeks you will need to divide your remaining amount over until you receive your next loan instalment in April.
  • Set yourself a weekly budget
  • Speak to your parents to see if they can offer you any financial support
  • Look at your bank statements, it may not be easy to at first but can you see where you may have overspent. Can you reduce your expenditure?
  • Don’t ignore your debts. There are plenty of free debt agencies who you can contact to seek advice.

You can find some more information about debt on the National Debt Line Website and on the Stepchange Charity website, who are a debt charity.

Don’t bury your head in the sand, if you’re worried speak to someone. There are number of agencies on the back of this booklet that you can contact. Remember we want to help! All the best for this academic year.”

And some Exam Stress advice from the Student Engagement and Transition Team.

“We know that the winter holiday period was the perfect opportunity for many of you to relax, unwind and celebrate the hard work you’ve already done at the University. However, it’s important that you still don’t forget about your assessments you’re sitting in this exam period.

If you want some help with getting prepared for your assessments and exams, the Stress Less for Academic Success Guide has tips and tricks which may come in handy.

You can download the e-guide here:

We hope you find the guide useful, and good luck!”

Keep an eye out for more entries from the Health and Wellbeing team and The ResLife Team.