We’re going to get a little bit serious for a moment now. Don’t worry, it won’t last, but this is quite important so bear with us. We’re proud of the fact that Hull University is a wonderful melting pot of people from all sorts of backgrounds and faiths, and we want to make sure that all those folks are supported in their faiths and beliefs.

The Team

We have a dedicated chaplaincy team made up of local and regional faith leaders, all brining a wealth of experience and expertise to broaden the pastoral support that we can offer. Between them they offer welcome and support to all students and staff of any faith and provide both physical and emotional space to chat, reflect and, if appropriate, pray.

You can contact the Chaplaincy Team at chaplaincy@hull.ac.uk. Our chaplains include the following faiths, but we’ll always do our best to accommodate those of different faiths:

  • Buddhist
  • Amazing Grace
  • Anglican
  • Chinese Church
  • Coptic Orthodox
  • Methodist
  • Roman Catholic
  • United Reformed Church
  • Jewish
  • Muslim
  • Pagan

Our Facilities

A chapel is situated below the Arts Café in Middleton Hall and chaplains hold services and groups throughout the week. It is also used regularly by the Chapel Choir.

A Prayer Room facility is available for registered students and staff. It is open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm.

A Muslim Prayer Room is available in Unit 4C on the Newland Science Park (adjacent to The Courtyard accommodation).

You can download the Code of Practice for the use of these facilities in PDF format here.

Local Places of Worship

Whist we try to offer as much as we can on the campus, we appreciate that you might want to join a local community. There are plenty in the area; this is just a selection.

Remember, if you have any faith-based questions the best place to contact is chaplaincy@hull.ac.uk.