Alright pet. What yer doin in freshers week? Swotting up or out on a bender?

If you don’t understand what is being asked of you now, rest assured you will by the time you have finished reading this! To get you started here are some slang words that you are likely to hear in and around campus in your first few weeks.

As you can appreciate the list is not complete and new meanings for English words are constantly being invented. I would bookmark urban dictionary which is as reliable for finding the meaning of slang as the Oxford English dictionary is for ‘proper’ English.

Pet – an affectionate way of addressing a man or woman.

Fresher –   student who has just started university. Freshers’  week refers to the week of events to welcome freshers to the university. Here we call it WelcomeFest.

Bender – drinking a lot of alcohol either in one night or over several

Swotting – studying intensively

Pub crawl – visiting several bars and pubs in one night

Café crawl – the same as above except its cafes

Stash – to store something in a secret place. If you join our Campus Sport volunteer team you will also be offered stash which means free kit!

Cotton on – understand

Balling – crying

Alright – Hello, how are you?

Cheers – Thank you or if you are out drinking you will hear people say it when they make a toast when they are celebrating. It is usually accompanied by the clinking of glasses.

It’s your round! – If someone says this to you then they are letting you know that it is your turn to buy drinks.

Kip – sleep

Fry up/Full English – Breakfast that includes all or some of the following; bacon, eggs, sausages tomatoes and toast.

Hangover – what happens when you drink too much! If you wake up the next day with a headache or feeling nauseous then you will know what to call it.

Mate – friend. You’ll also hear people say it to strangers when you are in a social situation. It is mostly used by men when talking to each other.

If you think English slang is sick (interesting) then watch this video to learn more words. Or why not buddy up (become friends) with a native speaker and get one to one tuition.