It’s almost Easter vacation! You’ll soon be getting a well-deserved break from lectures, some time to relax and revise just in time for summer exams.

Two weeks is a long time to be away from your room, there’s some things we thought you might like a reminder for just in time for you to finish for Easter.

If you’re living in halls, your room will still be covered by all the regular security which is a bonus. But you still need to make sure you don’t leave old food lying around.

It’s probably a good idea to polish off any food that’s left in the fridge before you go away on holiday – otherwise you’ll come back to rotting vegetables and fluffy plates.

Avoid the faint smell of sour milk upon your return home by eating and drinking any remaining milk, fruit, vegetables and perishables before you leave. That being said, make sure there’s something ready and waiting to snack on when you get back, especially if you’ll be arriving at an odd time.

When you’re doing your final checks before you travel, make sure all of your electrical appliances and gadgets are unplugged and switched off at the wall. Not only will it save you money and energy while you’re away, but it’ll also reduce the risk of damage due to power surges.

If you’re living in a student house, it’s also important that you empty the fridge and turn off appliances. But houses are more of a target for thieves. Leaving a light on can be a great deterrent for keeping thieves away, or even better one that you can set on a timer. If you have regular deliveries to your student house, make sure these are cancelled for the time you are away or you redirect them. Post and packages piling up can be an obvious give away that no one is home.

Now, while you’re on vacation, we know you will be posting on social media. It’s easy to post something with a caption of ‘going away for Easter break’ which thieves will take advantage of knowing you’re not at home. If this is something you want to do, be very cautious of who can see what you are posting, and how much information is on your profile.

We hope you have a great Easter break and we are looking forward to welcoming you back.