Being as today is officially Earth Day we thought that it was the perfect time to take a step back and look at what we’re doing to be a little more friendly to the planet, but also to ask you what you’d like to see us implement. We already have more plans, but unfortunately these things do take time and sometimes we can’t change things as quickly as we’d like.

What are we doing?

The biggest change we’ve made recently is removing plastic drinking straws from all of our outlets. We were worried at first that people might miss the straws, that perhaps we needed to come up with an alternative but as it turns out no one seems to miss the straws at all.

Currently all of our takeaway meals are served in recyclable cardboard which helps to cut down on waste. And our Keepcups are proving extremely popular, cutting down massively on our use of disposable cups.

Of course you can do your bit too – make sure you help us keep up with our recycling by disposing of your waste (especially stuff like plastic bottles) in the correct fashion, bot here on campus and when you’re at home too. And if you can use a reusable drink bottle rather than buying new ones then all the better!

What else can we do?

Lots! We know we have a long way to go, and we have a number of new initiatives planned over the coming months and years. But what we really want is to hear from you. What do you think we should be doing to help reduce our environmental impact? Is there anything we could do to help you be greener?

Get in touch through the comments below or by tweeting us @hullcampuslife.

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