If you live in our accommodation then you should already have received a link to our Departures Survey – if not, then you can click here to open the survey. If you’ve filled it in then brilliant, you can stop reading now and give yourself a big pat on the back. If not, then here are some great reasons to make the time and fill it in…

1. You could win a £50 Amazon voucher.

Now we’re not saying that a chance of winning something is the be all and end all, but a £50 voucher is not to be sniffed at, right? Just imagine what exciting things you could buy with that. And it’s basically free money, so if you want to spend it on something completely frivolous like fluffy bunny slippers or hilarious toilet roll then nobody can argue. Though of course we think you should spend it on books or something sensible.

2. You’ll get a bar of chocolate.

Not everyone can win a voucher (we’d be bankrupt) but everyone can get a tasty treat – we’re not going to tell you how, but when you complete your survey online you’ll get instructions. Don’t worry, it’s not like some crazy treasure hunt or anything. Mm, chocolate.

3. You’ll help us to shape our accommodation for the future.

Yeah we know, this isn’t as exciting as Amazon vouchers or chocolate, but it’s actually really important. We work really hard to make life in our accommodation a great experience for you guys (no really!) and it really helps if we know what we’re getting right and – more importantly – what we’re getting wrong. So whilst your filling the survey might not affect you directly (unless you’re coming back to live with us, which you should definitely consider) it will help to make it an even better experience for future students.

And in case you missed it, here’s the link to the survey again… The survey will close on Monday 6th May, so don’t hang around too long!