Are you a first year student? If the answer is yes then you have to take part in our café crawl and win a prize.

Pub crawls are the stuff of legends during Freshers week. You’ll be sharing stories, for years to come, of what you did, how much you drank or how you forgot the way to halls!  But we don’t want to encourage you (that’s if you need any!) and so we have come up with our own version.

The café crawl is a perfect cure for next day’s hangover. And if you’re not interested in pub crawls then it’s a chance to share your own story of a tour of local watering holes.


You also get the chance to win some great prizes, including £50 Amazon vouchers for two lucky people, free gym membership and tickets to one of Hull’s best tourist attractions. The Deep aquarium. And we have 50 free coffees and hot drink and cake deals to offer.

To enter you need to pick up our leaflet, ‘Where to eat on campus’. As well as being an invaluable guide to finding all the café and food places you can try on campus it’s the only way to enter our competition. You need to make a purchase from all six cafes, shown on the map. At the till hand the map to a member of staff who will add a sticker to show you have been. Once you’ve been to all of them post your map into the competition box (don’t forget to fill in your details)

Closing date is 31 October 2016.

Share your progress with everybody, #cafecrawl on our Instagram account, @hullcampuslife