So a couple of days ago we posted about alternative Christmas songs you might want to listen to (or not) as a bit of an antidote to the same old ‘classics’ wheeled out every year. Today, we thought we’d do the same with movies. I mean you can’t ever have too much Die Hard or Love Actually, but there are some hidden gems out there too… 

In Bruges

If you saw last year’s terrific Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (and if you haven’t then you should stop reading this right now and go watch it) then you’ll know how great writer / director Martin McDonagh is. It may only mention Christmas a couple of times, but In Bruges is definitely a Christmas movie – and there’s a detailed exploration of why here

Children of Men

Ok bear with us on this one, we know it’s not exactly festive. But it does play out a bit like a twisted take on the Nativity story (maybe there’s a double bill there) and Cuarón films are few and far between. Plus the incredible single shot takes set the foundations for Cuarón’s own Gravity as well as the incredible Birdman. 

Jingle All The Way

Inbetween being the archetypal 80s action hero along with Willis and Stallone, Arnie had a surprisingly successful stint as an action comedy star in the 90s. See Kindergarten Cop, Last Action Hero and this oft-forgotten gem where he plays a father out to get a Turbo Man figure for his son (played by future Darth Vader Jake Lloyd) at all costs. Ok it’s terrible, but it’s fun terrible. 

Father Ted Christmas Special

Not technically a fillum, but it’s twice the length of a normal episode AND it’s definitely Christmassy, so we’re gonna let it slide. If you’ve not yet discovered the joys of Father Ted then we can highly recommend that you do so… 

Batman Returns

Controversially, we think this might be the best Batman movie to date. Bear with us. It’s like with the first Tim Burton Batman Warner Bros were constantly watching over his shoulder, and making it a bit more normal; with the sequel they just let him go nuts and make the movie he wanted. And it’s wonderful, in an inimitably Tim Burton way. And set at Christmas. 

Anna and the Apocalypse

Full disclosure: we haven’t actually seen this yet. But it looks BRILLIANT. We’re not sure why no one has thought to make a Christmas themed musical zombie movie before, frankly.