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We know university’s not just an academic education – it’s a social one, too. You’re making friends for life, discovering new passions and learning invaluable skills. It’s also a time when you’re making your own decisions and looking after yourself. Here you’ll find loads of practical tips to help you achieve all of this.

Moving Out

How to make leaving as easy as possible!

National Vegetarian Week

It's national vegetarian week! Why not give it a try?

Easter Advice

Some handy tips before you go home for Easter.

Hull Summer Preview

A preview of some of the upcoming events in Hull.

World Book Day

For World Book Day, Will shares some of the books he's read recently.

Independent Venue Week

It's Independent Venue Week this week, and here in Hull we're lucky enough to have three awesome venues signed up - and...

Want to get sporty?

Find out about what Hull Sport have on offer for the next few months.

Welcomefest – The Reunion

Find out what events are happening at WelcomeFest The Reunion 2019...

Keep Warm this January

You might not know this, but statistically the 20th of January (that's this Sunday!) is likely to be the coldest day of the year...

Friday Skills Blog

The Skills Team deliver some brilliant tips on how to do your best during exams.