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Our campus, with beautiful buildings and world-class facilities, is one of the most attractive academic sites in the country. And we’re investing £200 million on accelerating our campus’ evolution into a high-tech hub of education and research. New facilities for a fresh generation of minds!

Parking on campus

Parking on campus is pretty limited and you need a permit to use the uni's car parks so most students tend to walk or get...

Pearls of wisdom from our 2nd & 3rd years

Pearls of wisdom
It’s your first day in Hull. You've waved off your well-wishing parents and checked out your room, but what to do next..? Explore campus! Campus can seem...

Wellbeing, learning & welfare support

Welfare support
During your time at university you might find that you need some help and support. Whether you're having some financial difficulties, feeling stressed or anxious, need...

5 ways to make the most of lectures

You can’t do all of these things but we would definitely recommend number 2 if you do nothing else!! Use the Cornell note taking...

Get on ya bike with the Bike Hub!

Bike Hub
Cycling is a popular way to get around in Hull. Whether you're the up and coming Mark Cavendish or have only just ditched those...

10 ways your University library is awesome!

Brynmor Jones Library
Everyone who works there can help you – like really, EVERYONE.  If they're wearing a yellow lanyard you can ask them anything. Where are my books? How...