If you were with a friend who was hurt would you know what to do? If the answer is no then you are not alone. Over 70% of students lack the confidence to perform even basic first aid.

We are only weeks away from Christmas and the chances are that the festive celebrations will have already started especially if you are going back home for the festive period. With alcohol and nights out comes the increased danger of accidents. Most injuries are likely to be minor but in some cases you might be confronted with someone whose condition is life threatening. British Red Cross has started a campaign, ‘Don’t Stop At 999’, to encourage more of you to learn about first aid or get trained. Accidents can happen any time of the year and if you know that up to 59% of deaths were preventable isn’t it worth spending some of your spare time learning what to do, should the worst happen? The Red Cross website is a great place to start as it has details of local training courses, useful information and an app to teach you life saving skills. And to get you started why not try their interactive quiz which has been created with students in mind and will let you test your knowledge. Who knows a simple test could mean the difference between life and death.