Campus Sport Hull would like to welcome you to the University of Hull, we hope you enjoy everything at the University has to offer!

Campus Sport Hull provide all things sport at the University from your competitive leagues, coached sessions, workforce programmes and fitness sessions. At the University of Hull we encourage as many students to be social and active through our relaxed turn up and play sports sessions. Our sessions are all about having fun and making new friends in the process. We provide a wide range of sporting activities for everyone to get involved with from Football, Hockey, Squash, Wheelchair basketball and many more. Click here to see what else you can get involved with.


So we have two programmes, one that takes place on Hull campus and the other at the Lawns Centre. Make sure you save the dates for when both of our programmes start!



Campus Sport Hull campus programme starts on Monday the 25th September

Campus Sport Halls programme starts on Monday 2nd October

For all the women out there, we have a sport and exercise programme exclusively for you called Fabulass. We aim to inspire female students to get involved with sport and active recreation in a way that is right for them. Fabulass was created for women to take part in sports in a female only environment so you can wave goodbye to feeling self-conscious, and say hello to making new friends and having a laugh whilst getting active!

Under the Fabulass brand we have many female only sessions on offer from Netball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Squash alongside our sport and fitness session. Our unique sport and fitness session offers a different surprise activity each week so you’ll never get bored. Each of our sessions are accompanied by the latest dance songs so it won’t even feel like a work out! To avoid disappointment, sign up now.

For more information on what you can get involved with please visit our website or contact a member the Campus Sport team via email on