Did you know that this Friday (that’s the 25th of January) is Burns Night? No, to be honest neither did we. But it is, and more excitingly the kitchen in The Pantry are laying on a special Burns Night treat for you all.

Now we realise that Friday is traditionally fish and chips day (and why wouldn’t it be, with our awesome fish and chips) but we reckon it’s good to have a change every once in a while, and we’re pretty sure that this is the one day of the year that Haggis, Neeps and Tatties is on the menu, and for only £4.95 too.

Now there’s a big of a stigma around haggis, as if it’s some weird and wonderful thing, but actually it’s a lovely warming peppery dish, a bit like crumbly sausage. Neeps is just mashed swede, and tatties (as you may have guessed) are mashed potatoes, so really it’s nothing that out the ordinary.

We’d definitely recommend giving it ago, maybe with a book of Scottish poems or maybe a Scottish themed playlist on Spotify to really get the ambiance right.

Probably best not to start drinking whisky at lunchtime though. Although it IS Friday…