Every now and then, we have to put some prices up. We hate to do it, but sometimes it just has to be done. Sadly, we’re approaching one of those times.

Now don’t panic, this isn’t some huge across-the-board price change – it’s only a couple of things. As from next Monday (28th of January) the following changes will come into effect.

First up is the Radnor carton water in Arts Café. We brought this in a while ago as a bit of a trial, to see how it went down, and it turns out to have been pretty popular. Unfortunately we’re having to raise it from 50p up to 80p. We know that’s a pretty hefty jump, but please do bear in mind that we have free water dispensers in all the outlets across campus, including Arts Café.

Secondly is the non-dairy milk in our hot drinks, right across campus. If you don’t have cow milk in your latte, at the moment you can choose from almond, coconut, oat or soy milk at no extra charge. From next Monday you’ll still be able to have soy included in the price of your drink, but if you want another dairy alternative (so that’s almond, coconut or oat) there will be a small charge of 45p on top of the price of your beverage. Americano coffee and tea are both excluded from this rise and will continue to have no extra charge. We’re not super happy to have to do this, but you’ll find similar pricing at most high street coffee shops.

And that’s it. It’s not the worst round of price increases ever, but we’re still loathe to have to do it. We hope that it won’t stop you from enjoying our tasty teas and coffees.