It’s the biggest time of the year for every student, whether you’re in first, second or third year of your academic studies or maybe you’re a MSc or PhD student. Studying every recommended reading book from cover to cover in the modules you’re taking is all well and good, but not when you’re at an increased risk of running your body and mind into the ground.

Taking time outs for breaks or doing something you enjoy doing, eating nice food or even going to the gym or for a run perhaps? Being physically active for short periods can have a positive impact on our minds and bodies when we are under stress, here are the benefits running can have on your well-being…

Running is thought out to be the king of cardio in the fitness world. Running can help you shed as many as 100 calories per mile and aids in lowering blood pressure by making our arteries stay nice and stretchy.

Those are just a few benefits that running has on our physical well-being, so what about our mental well-being?

Stress in both forms, acute and long term can have some serious detrimental effects on our well-being. Acute stress can come on fast but thankfully doesn’t last very long and can be stimulated from a whole host of events. Most of your bodily systems are negatively affected by acute stress, however, your brain, lungs, heart, immune system and digestive system all step up to the mark and can fight off whatever got you so wound up in the first place. Long term or chronic stress is even worse.

Psychologically shown in studies that regular runners generally say they live happier, more stress-free life than their counterparts. You may also know or heard of the feel good hormones of the body, endorphins. These opioid chemicals help the body distress from our daily lives as well as slowing down the ageing process and reduce anxiety. Well these endorphins which you’ve probably already guessed are released in the masses during running.

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