Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m a third year chemistry student. I joined Fabulass, in my first year at University.

As I have always been slightly bigger I have always had a negative view of exercise and sports, out of fear of being judged for not looking slim or athletic. However at Fabulass and at all campus sport programmes I found there to be no judgement at all and the only focus is on having fun and being yourself. Last year I became a Fabulass ambassador and I adore the role. My favourite part is being able to see people grow more and more confident each week and developing a genuine interest in sport.  Because of my involvement with campus sport and the Fabulass programme, I am a much more confident and happy person and I cannot recommend Fabulass enough!

If you have any questions or worries please contact me on Facebook or say hello on campus! Hopefully I will see you at Fabulass this year! For more information contact me on  Facebook or email,  lb78@hotmail.co.uk .  Contact the Campus Sport team at: campussport@hull.ac.uk