If you are a student then you are more likely to smoke. But with a packet of 20 cigarettes costing on average £10 it isn’t only your health that will suffer.  Try the Stoptober challenge to help you quit.

If you can go for 28 days without smoking then you are five times more likely to be able to stay off the cigarettes for good. The Stoptober campaign begins on October 1st and will provide you with all the support you need to reach the 28 day milestone.  You can download their app or sign up to the daily emails that will keep you motivated. And to fight the nicotine cravings you can choose nicotine patches, chewing gum or inhalators. The campaign also supports the use of e-cigarettes to beat conventional smoking.

If you prefer you can visit a walk in centre that is open all week, including weekends and evenings. You don’t need an appointment and even if you fail the Stoptober challenge these stop smoking  clinics are open all year for to try again. So get quitting and use this calculator to see how much you can save and start planning what you are going to spend the money on.