We’re huge bread fans here at Campus Life. Sandwiches, toast, naan, pitta, crusty baps or fluffy loaves… It’s all good. And there’s no better bread than freshly baked bread.

That’s why we’re so excited not just that it’s Real Bread Week next week but also that we bake our own bread in The Pantry. If you’ve ever had a delicious bowl of hearty, warming soup with a lovely crusty roll (for a bargain £1.80!) then you’ll know just how good that is, especially compared to the floppy abominations you get at the supermarket. And if you haven’t then honestly, you’re missing out.

And our fresh bread isn’t just much tastier, it’s also better for you. Regular bread can be full of preservatives, salt and sugar, as well as stripped of the nutrients it should contain. Our breads are made with fresh ingredients to make sure that it’s as healthy as it it delicious.

Real Bread Week runs from February 24 to March 4 and we think you should make an extra special effort to try some of the lovely freshly baked bread in The Pantry (and we’re willing to bet that once you’ve tried it you’ll want more).

If you’re REALLY keen then you could have a go at baking your own bread – there are some cracking recipes on the Real Bread Week website to get you started. If you do, let us know how you get on (and maybe bring us a sample…).