If you’re a coffee drinker on campus then chances are at some point you’ve popped into Wilde’s in Canham Turner for a tasty beverage. If that’s so then you’ve probably been served by the lovely Andrew.

As well as being a fantastic barista, Andrew is a friendly chap, and gives terrific customer service whether he’s rushed off his feet with a queue around the corner or has an empty coffee shop and time to chat. He’s introduced exciting new initiatives to the university (have you tried our cold brew coffee?) and he’s been instrumental in training up staff across the site to his high standards.

He also has a wonderful beard.

But even the best things must come to an end, and Andrew is leaving us for pastures new. In fact he’s moving to a completely new career, designing roof trusses. We can’t claim to know much about that, but we do know that whatever Andrew turns his hand to he’ll be great at. He’s just that kind of guy.

So we’re bidding a fond farewell to Andrew, and we’d like to wish him the very best of luck (not that he’ll need it) in his new career. We’ll miss him, and we’ll miss his beard (though we’re sure that his replacement will be just as good at making coffee. Well, maybe).