Do you remember Hull City of Culture 2017? Do you remember how magnificent it was? Do you feel a little bit deflated after 2018 hasn’t been quite so spectacular yet? Us too! But an exciting new announcement today has left us excited that things might be kicking off again soon…

A brand new company, called Absolutely Cultured has taken over from Hull 2017 and is planning a bold three year programme but plans to go on for much longer. The first big event will be a massive 10,000 strong domino rally across the city centre set up by volunteers which, if our memories of Christmas days in the 80’s is anything to go by could either be super spectacular in success or utterly hilarious in failure. Or possibly a bit of both.

The two mile run of dominoes the size of breeze blocks will weave its way around the city centre after being set up by hundreds of volunteers in August. We’re hoping for some epic video footage as they topple.

We’re hoping that the new company, in conjunction with the awesome grass roots stuff that’s already happening, will give this fine city the nudge it needs to keep the cultural ball rolling…


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