Last week Angela from the Sports Centre was lucky enough to have a tour of the new site – it’s probably fair to say that she was a little bit excited. Here’s what she had to say…

Last week, my colleagues from the Sports Centre and I were fortunate enough to have our first site visit to see for​ ourselves just what has been going on behind those blue boards – which is now pretty obvious! 

Steve Foster, Henry Boot’s Project Manager, welcomed us to his very warm and cosy offices (it can get chilly up here in Sports Development sometimes) and briefly ran through the work that was ongoing.  

It’s fair to say everyone was feeling a bit giddy standing there looking at this huge, huge building which has been evolving for the past few months.  It’s quite hard to imagine that in just seven months time we will all have the privilege of working in this brand spanking new, world-class sports facility.  

There is still so much work to do behind the scenes, as well as on the building, to bring all of this together and our staff here at the sports centre are going to be working extremely hard over the coming weeks to ensure that our students, staff and the community have the best sporting experience possible here on our beautiful campus. 

My project manager, Steve Curtis, is hopeful that we will soon be able to have a full tour of the site once the roof is in place.  I must say,  I can’t wait to put on a pair of size 7 steel toe-capped boots (onto my size 4 feet(!) and hard hat,  and venture inside this magnificent building.  It does leave you feeling quite giddy, thinking about the future of sport here at the University of Hull and the potential for so many sports and events on campus. 

I’ll spare you the technical spiel this week other than to say that blocks are going up and the roof is almost there! 

I’ll post again soon with more photos and updates but here are the latest, which includes some gorgeous views from the top of the building.