Rugby Pitch

The Contractors have, in the past week, completed the following work on our lovely new 3G Rugby Pitch:-

  • Pathway tarmac works complete
  • Dynamic stone layer installed
  • KSI for stone and kerbs completed (09/06/17) awaiting report however all on site results favourable
  • Mowing strip complete
  • Logo mats installed
  • Floodlighting installation complete and tested. Final LUX level tests to be carried out when carpet is installed.

And now for the REALLY EXCITING STUFF! A sneaky

Pavilion Sneak Peak

On 13 June the Project Team were able to take a tour of the Pavilion with the Contractors to view the work that has been done to date and we are delighted to be able to give you a sneaky peak of the progress made so far! The Team is incredibly excited about the size and scale of the facilities that the Pavilion will have to offer. Pavilion users and visitors can look forward to first class changing rooms with showers and toilets, catering facilities and treatment rooms. In addition, the new conference room will provide a fantastic work space for users wishing to host meetings and seminars. Whilst there is still significant work to be done, the building is now full of various Contractors bringing the building to life. We hope that you enjoy taking a tour of what we have, so far.