If you’ve applied for a place at Hull University (or somewhere else, though we’ll not talk about that) then you’re probably counting down the minutes to Results Day on Thursday with baited breath. There are some brilliant guides out there covering just what you need to do, and detailing all the possible things that could happen and how you need to respond to them (this one on The Student Room is great https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/results/a-level/guide-to-a-level-results-day-2018) so we’re not going to repeat what’s already been said. What we can do though, is offer a few handy tips to help you get through the day – and beyond.

Have breakfast.

Now you may be one of those funny folk who don’t eat breakfast, and that’s fine (if deeply, deeply wrong, but we won’t have a rant here), but you’re likely going to have a really busy day today, whether it’s celebrating down the pub from 11am or chasing up insurance offers and clearing. The last thing you want is your tummy rumbling while you’re on the phone to a university, or your legs getting wobbly while you’re stood at the bar. So get your Weetabix down you (other cereals are available).

Don’t panic.

Really, this is good advice for life in general. Whatever your results might be, stay calm and focused. Remember: you are at a turning point in your life, but there is no right path and no wrong path. The important thing is to throw yourself into whatever you decide to do with all of your enthusiasm and commitment and make sure that you do yourself justice. Maybe you didn’t get into the course you wanted – but maybe the friends you meet and the lessons you learn at the university you get into through clearing will take you to a much better place. Make the most of the opportunities you have and you can be sure that in ten years you’ll be looking back and saying ‘I’m really glad that my A-Level results worked out that way!’.

Don’t compare yourself to your friends (but do care about them).

Again, really good advice for life in general. Chances are, some of your friends will have done ‘better’ than you; some of them will have done ‘worse’. Now is a really good time to start learning (if you haven’t already) that a bunch of letters on a piece of paper don’t matter one bit when you’re holding someone’s hair back as they’re being sick in a festival toilet or as they help you back to your tent at 4am after you had a panic attack and ran off into the woods. Your friends and family are the most important thing in the world, and you’re going to make some amazing new ones on the next stage of your life.

Read a proper guide to A-Level results day.

Because let’s face it, we’ve got a bit deep here without giving you much practical advice about who you need to call, when you need to call them and when you need to be checking Track. Did we mention this really useful guide at The Student Room? https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/results/a-level/guide-to-a-level-results-day-2018 Our very own Hull University has a great guide to applying through clearing too.

Good luck, and remember that you’re awesome.

But there’s no luck other than what you make, and you’re only awesome if you make yourself awesome. Make it happen!