In honour of Her Majesty’s visit to the University, here are 6 fun facts you probably didn’t know about The Queen!

1. The Queen’s Purse
Queen Elizabeth uses the placement of her purse to send signals to her staff. For example, placing her purse on the table indicates that Her Majesty would like to leave within the next 5 minutes. When she is having a dull conversation Elizabeth will switch her purse from one arm to the other or place it on the floor, this prompts her staff to move in and end the conversation.

2. Her Wedding Gown
When Princess Elizabeth married Prince Phillip in 1974, she paid for her wedding dress with clothing ration coupons. The Princess saved up her rations to buy the ivory satin used to make her gown; the creation was also encrusted with more than 10,000 pearls, which still didn’t cover it all!

3. Royal Spat
Her Majesty was apparently once caught on camera on a tour of Australia, throwing a pair of tennis shoes and a racquet at Phillip during some frustration. The act was filmed but the footage was given to The Queen and never broadcasted.

4. State Banquets
Before each state banquet, The Queen personally inspects the grand horseshoe-shaped table to make sure that it looks absolutely perfect for her guests.

5. Morning Routine
Every morning, The Queen is woken up by the sound of her personal bagpiper. Her Majesty can even tell if someone different to her usual piper is playing!

6. Nickname
The Queen’s nickname is “Lilibet” to her close family, but the Duke of Edinburgh has been know to affectionately call her “Cabbage”.