Look around you. You’ll spot all of these people in your university bubble.

The Zombies

No matter what time of day, or where you are on campus, they’re there. Forever falling asleep in their lectures, fighting fatigue in your seminars, looking lost in the coffee queue.

They may not have slept for days, or they may always be asleep – you’ll never know.

The Fashionistas

The bloggers, the Instagrammers, the early risers who always manage to have their clothes, hair AND make up precisely on point. And then there’s those with their hair slicked back to perfection, to match their perfect designer clothes.

You know the ones – the people you always avoid sitting next to for fear of looking incredibly under-dressed.

The Jocks and Gym Goers


You’ll see one when you’re walking to your classes, you’ll see them in the library, and you’ll definitely see them anywhere that serves food. It’s a well known fact that anyone in a sports team spends more money on their kit and stash than they do on casual clothes.

Hey, we don’t judge. Who wouldn’t want to sit in trackies and a hoody all the time?

The eager-beaver students’ union people

Ever walked into the SU and it seems like everyone wants to talk to you? Chances are that it is quite important, or exciting, but chances also are that you’re still too tired to engage in a proper conversation.

Try it sometime (maybe after your morning coffee) – you might find out something pretty awesome and they are always keener to listen to you than they are for you to listen to them.


Let’s face it, if you’re struggling to keep your eyes open in your 9am lecture, the last person you actually want to engage with is your teacher. Shout out to them for not getting too mad if/when you accidentally doze off in class. It was a long night, honest!