While down in that London the government are playing a frankly terrifying game of chicken with our futures (don’t get us started…) there’s a vote taking place right now that could affect your future at university that you CAN have a positive affect on.

You can’t help but have noticed by now the many posters up around campus promoting candidates for the HUU elections, and YOU are eligible to vote for those that you think best align with your interests.

You can find out much more about who the candidates are and what they stand for on the HUU website (the Meet the Candidates page is a good place to start) as well as info on how the voting system works.

It may not have repercussions quite so far ranging as yet another vote on May’s Brexit deal but HUU plays a huge part in your university experience, both on the surface and behind the scenes, so it’s really important that you make your voice heard.