When it comes to University of Hull students, you are all so wonderfully diverse that your background and experiences are likely to be completely different to the person sat beside you in your next lecture.

That said, there’s just something about the trip home for Christmas after Semester One that results in the same feelings and silly scenarios for so many of you. Here’s a fun selection of what you might be experiencing right about now if you’re back at home with family for Christmas.

1. The second you step through the door you realise you forgot to take something back

Confused Face

2. The Christmas decorations put your University house to shame

Good at decorating

3. You have a perfectly rehearsed speech to the question ‘how is University?’

I am grey

4. You want to let everyone know how much you have matured

5. But before too long the teenager in you begins to creep out


6. And your family aren’t ready for your new found look that goes down so well on campus


7. Your old bed feels like a heavenly cocoon of comfort

I never want to leave this bed

8. The shock of a full fridge nearly knocks you over

Full Fridge

9. So you spare no time getting to work on everything in it whilst watching cheesy Christmas films

Greedy Christmas Child

10. The downside is you have to do the washing up straight away

Smashing Plates

11. You make a grand entrance into your old local to announce your return

I'm back!

12. Only to bump into an awkward reunion with somebody

Awkward Reunion

13. And have to listen to all of their University stories instead of yours


14. It doesn’t matter anyway, nobody can understand you because you now have a weird Hull twang to your accent

What did you say?

15. Meanwhile, you suddenly find yourself in a long distance relationship with your new University friends and housemates

Long Distance Call

16. You take full advantage of the free heating and hot water

17. You have to exercise in the living room instead of the Sports and Fitness Centre

Exercise at home

18. A week before returning to campus you suddenly remember you have exams in January

Remembering your exams

19. Procrastination hits a whole new level

20. You can’t wait to get back and see everyone