If the first few weeks of university has already left you running out of money then here are a few money saving and money making tips.

  • Find paid work. Christmas in only a matter of weeks away and many businesses are looking to hire temporary workers to help during the festive period. You can start with this specialist student employment website or closer to home HUU have a job shop which not only features current vacancies but has advice on how to write a CV and information on employments rights.
  • Sell your unused textbooks. If you’ve found yourself going overboard in buying course books and realise you don’t need them or are desperate for cash and the books are stocked in the library why not sell them? You can pop into the campus branch of Waterstones, in University House, and they will buy them from you.

  • One of your biggest costs, day to day, will be food and drink. Start thinking about taking a packed lunch and invest in a flask for hot drinks. That alone could save you as much as a fiver a day. In the evening it can be a bit of a chore to cook from scratch and you might not have too much time but rather than ordering a takeaway or putting a ready meal in the microwave why not save a few quid by rustling up a cheap but quick nutritious meal. Here are some tips:
  • Buddy up with housemates. Meals will be cheaper if you share the cost of and you can take it in turns to cook. You could even have themed nights, Mexican, Indian, Italian.
  • Find recipes that use cheap ingredients like eggs, pasta, rice, lentils. If you need inspiration check out this student recipe website
  • Cooking more than you need is another great idea. Any leftovers can be either frozen or eaten for lunch the next day.

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