1. Everyone who works there can help you – like really, EVERYONE.  If they’re wearing a yellow lanyard you can ask them anything. Where are my books? How do I reference this article? Can I learn how to write essays? Can you waive my library fines (haha only joking!).  If they don’t know the answer themselves they’ll find out.
  2. It’s open 24 hours. You can literally work all night long if you have a tight deadline – although you should maybe check out their time management workshops if this becomes a habit!
  3. It has nearly a million books and gives you access to over 80 million online resources. That is a seriously awesome amount of books – if you laid them end to end you could get to LONDON and BACK! You can access all the online journal articles, ebooks, conference papers etc right from your own PC, laptop or mobile device.
  4. It has a cool café. The Library Café sells your morning bacon sandwiches, lovely muffins and great coffee – all without leaving the building.  You can eat anywhere on the ground floor too!
  5. It has a Skills Team that can help you get better grades.
    Confused about referencing? Want to understand feedback from your essays? Want to learn to use academic software better?  The library’s Skills Team provide advice, run workshops and even offer personal appointments.  Go to www.hull.ac.uk/skills to find out more.
  6. The reading room is SILENT as well as beautiful.
    The reading room is the perfect place to open your minds but close your mouths.  Some people concentrate best without noise – even music.  If that is you – you know where to head. Look up too – the lights are copies of the original 1950s ones and are rather beautiful.
  7. There are power sockets EVERYWHERE.
    If you need to charge your laptop or mobile just look around – even the tables and chairs have in-built power sockets!
  8. You can book a private study room or interactive table.
    Want to work on a group project and discuss things without disturbing other students and getting dirty looks? Book a study room or one of the cool interactive projector tables on the 7th floor.  Just click on Room Bookings on the Library home page.
  9. You can volunteer to get work experience.
    The library recruits volunteers every year to work with their Customer Service and Skills Teams.  You can either work on the library floors helping with customer enquiries or you can get extra training in facilitation techniques and help run skills workshops – or you can do a bit of both!  Ask at the welcome desk or go to www.hull.ac.uk/skills and click on ‘Volunteer with Us’.
  10. The view from the 7th floor is amazing.
    It’s great to see the city of Hull laid out before you – and you really should check it out on bonfire night – fireworks going off everywhere you look!  The space up there is fantastic too – white boards, interactive tables and furniture you can rearrange as you need it.