1. Experience more of Hull

If you feel you haven’t yet taken the time to really get to know the wonderful city of Hull, you couldn’t ask for a better year to do so. 2017 marks Hull’s year in the spotlight as UK City of Culture – 365 days of events that celebrate everything that makes this place so special.

2. Go to all lectures and seminars

Whether it’s a Monday morning lie-in or an extra shift at work, getting into the habit of missing important study time can leave you playing catch up. So be sure to take note of your priorities and get yourself to campus. After all, you’re paying for it!

3. Cut down on the big nights out

One of the best parts of student life is the new sense of freedom, adventure and fun a lively night out gives you, but that doesn’t mean you need to do it four times a week. Consider the effect overindulgence has on your bank balance, health and studies and think about what is sensible.

4. Stop procrastinating

Some go for a Netflix binge, others embark on a never-ending social media scroll. Whatever your guilty diversion is, it’s time to stop! We’re not saying you can never watch Orange Is The New Black ever again, but it is important to designate specific amounts of time to your tasks, and remain focused throughout.

5. Get fitter and more active

Arguably the most popular New Year’s Resolution going. After a long Christmas of overindulgence and no exercise we’re all ready to make a healthy change. And the Sports and Fitness Centre are helping you do just that by offering five months all inclusive membership for just £75 – that’s less than 50p a day!

6. Meet new people and make more friends

Despite attending a University of thousands of students, it can still be difficult and a little daunting to make new friends. But you don’t have to spark up conversation with every person you stand next to in the Library Cafe queue. The best way to pick up some pals is by joining a society or sports club through Hull University Union. Choose something you like and you’ll quickly meet a bunch of like-minded people.

7. Pick up some work experience

Gaining a degree is undoubtedly impressive to employers, but you’ll need to back it up with industry experience to really stand out. The Careers, Employability and Entrepreneurship Service have tonnes of advice and support available to help you add important experience and skills to your CV.

8. Keep in touch

With all the excitement and buzz of life at University, it can be easy to allow contact with other family and friends slip a little. Don’t forget to pick up the phone and have a natter every once in a while!

9. Manage your money

Time to tighten the belt and implement some top notch budgeting techniques! AskHU and Hull University Union’s Advice Centre both have the know-how to help you get those finances into check.

10. Do something different

If you fancy a little adventure and a taste of something new, why not break the mould of your typical university year with an international placement? Just make sure you come back to us!